All you ever wanted to know about buying leather in Argentina: where to go, what to buy, and other important Argentine leather tips.

Leather Districts: Where to shop for leather in Buenos Aires

For those who like to browse, shop hop and bargain check out these three general areas, Leather for sale:

    • Murillo and Scalabrini Ortiz, VILLA CRESPO: Very close to Palermo, Villa Crespo is known as the leather district in Buenos Aires. Follow your nose to the scent of leather down Murillo and you’ll find a number of great stores.
    • Florida and Corrientes, DOWNTOWN: A major hub for all things souvenirs, patchwork rug, cowhide leather, you may have to fight the busy foot traffic on Florida street, but keep your eyes peeled for a number of leather stores. This area sees a lot of tourists so get ready to haggle!
    • San Jose and Belgrano, MONTSERRAT: Keep a look out for great bargain buys long with high quality pieces.

Tips for buying leather in Argentina

  • Pay in cash. Most leather stores aren’t fond of credit card purchases. Many will have two prices: one for credit card purchases and a cheaper price for paying in cash.  While most of the prices displayed will be for cash payment, double check and always ask how much the leather will cost in “efectivo” (cash).
  • Offer USD, Sterling or Euros. Getting foreign currency in Buenos Aires is a task in itself, so use it to your advantage as this could be a good bargaining chip.
  • Bargaining & Haggling. If you have not guessed yet, try to bargain a bit. Some people will just look at you and others will make a deal. The more of a franchise the less likely they will offer a discount, but you never know if you do not ask.
  • Do you leather homework. Before you come to Argentina stop by a high end store that has leather products. Examine the stitching, feel the leather, look at the liner and use this as a base for when making a purchase here.
  • Type of leather. Sheep and goat leather are softer and more high end. Cow leather hides is tougher and should be less expensive generally speaking.

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